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Together 2.0 by Snake/Tumi Magic

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Together 2.0 

Snake / Tumi Magic
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £36.75

If the torn and restored card trick is one that attracts you, here’s a version that is partly mechanical without relying heavily on sleight of hand. You receive a well made gimmicked card that can 75% automatically restore with the last quarter a simple matter of touching to the gimmick where it will stay attached. It can be spun in the air but a switch is required to change the gimmick for a duplicate of the restored card. More of that later.

In this version taught by Snake from the Peruvian Tumi Magic, the card has to be cut into quarters with scissors rather than the more usual tearing because the edges need to be cleanly cut to match the gimmick. The online video tutorial is taught with an English voice over and everything is clearly explained. 

Three slightly different restorations are taught on the 54 minute video with the third being a piece by piece version and therefore the most visual. The others involve a visual flash restoration ideal for a video clip.  

In all the variations a couple of pieces have to be ditched and a black shirt or tee-shirt will have to be worn to aid the black art method of vanishing these pieces against your shirt. In the demo Snake’s shirt has a white stripe across the middle and the black art pieces end up laughably overlapping the white stripe, something which he manages to repeat in the tutorial!

The presentation as taught is unfortunately hampered by two glaring faults in the routine. The hand going to the pocket to cop the gimmick has no cover or misdirection. Secondly the switch of the gimmick following the restoration is horribly discrepant. Placing the gimmicked card on the top of the deck face down, turning over the pack and taking a duplicate off the bottom is not going to fly in my world! 

He also teaches a top change as an alternative which is far better although there will be heat on the card at this moment. Be prepared to tidy up these two moments before and after the restoration and the routine will be much stronger for it. 

A simple corner short force is taught together with some repair and maintenance advice for the gimmick. There is too much to reset for this to be repeatable so it remains a one-off trick. 

I sense that this has had little testing in front of real world audiences because some of the handling just isn’t watertight. A mechanical gimmick, black art vanish, a force and a switch is quite a lot to contend with under real word conditions so its use could be limited.

Review by Paul Preager. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 90