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CRA Change by Rich Li

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CRA Change

Rich Li – SansMinds Worker Series
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price £16.00

CRA is a rapid multiple card colour change which takes about seven seconds to perform. A hand is wiped across the face or the back of a pack and the cards are seen to change one after the other. In the basic handling a final wave of the hand restores the first card seen. Compared to other single colour changes, the limitation is that, as demonstrated, you really only get to see just over half of each card which I think reduces the impact. 

I found it quite hard to categorise this offering from Rich Li and Sans Minds. It doesn’t really qualify as a stand alone effect but is more than a flourish. It is something, in the right setting, that you might incorporate into an interlude of card magic. The key though is finding the right setting. 

The change uses a multiple Tenkai palm and is consequently quite angle sensitive. The DVD sleeve suggests that the performance angle is 180 degrees. That means no one can be on either side or viewing from behind and this limits  where you can use the change.  Some retailers are more pessimistic and suggest that the narrower 110 degree angle is required. Either way it is angle limited.

In the twelve minute explanation you also get a couple of variations, one of which leaves you able to show and hand out the final card. The first requires a small initial set up and leaves you with a reversed card on the face of the deck. The second, using only a small packet of cards, has to be done sitting down so that extra cards can be dumped. The best thing on the DVD is a means of using the Tenkai palm to produce a previously selected card from an empty card box.

How easy is this to learn? The DVD packaging suggests that this is skill level one of five. I’ve no idea how that scale is calibrated but if it implies that the technical skill required is easy I think that is very optimistic. This might not be totally knuckle busting stuff but it will take you quite a while to master the speed and confidence required. Even in some of the DVD demonstrations there were occasional flashes. Master this card change and you will have six or seven seconds of material perfect for YouTube but the effect will be much harder to replicate under live conditions.

Review by Stuart Bowie. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89