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Folderol by Preston Nyman

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Preston Nyman
Available from www.spookysmagic.bigcartel.com or www.propdog.co.uk
Price: £12.00

This is a paper folding novelty effect in which a piece of paper with a slightly odd looking picture on it, is folded firstly to reveal the face of a cartoon magician, and then when refolded shows the initials AH, which turns out to be the name of a previously selected card.

You receive a pad of around 50 pre-drawn sheets measuring approximately 15cm x 10cm, and the password to 4 1/2 minutes of online video instruction. On this you are taught how to perform a face up Hindu Shuffle force, how to prefold the paper so that it is easy to fold as necessary during the performance, and then finally there’s a run through of the presentational handling itself.

The effect is very easy to do, and if you are looking for a simple novelty, it will suffice. There’s hardly any magical impact because the paper is just folded to show the prediction and even though on the video they very briefly demonstrate a couple of variations to attempt to make the appearance of the prediction a touch more magical, this is never going to be anything other than a basic piece of origami.

I think this would suit a youngster starting out in magic, but for anybody else it might not have enough impact to justify its inclusion in a performance.

Review by Mark Leveridge. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89