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Invisible by SansMinds

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Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £35.00

The idea of using a template to produce exact duplicates of a torn corner of a card or a banknote is not new. Gaeton Bloom’s Intercessor gimmick is perhaps best known, made out of strong steel. This gimmick is made of clear plastic and not suitable for cards but aimed at torn corner routines using paper money. 

The marketing of this gimmick is confusing and suggestions for its use “undercooked”. The only routine described (there is no full performance video) takes a borrowed note, the corner is torn off and vanished, then the corner is revealed in an impossible location.

There are several problems with this. Firstly it strays very close to the “too perfect” theory – that is there is a straight line logic back to the method – “it must be a duplicate corner so the only question is how did the performer tear the corner so it matches”.

Secondly the corner they are left with does not exactly match their note. This is because it is impossible in real time performance to reliably tear along a template that will then bear close scrutiny afterwards. Well constructed routines leave the original corner with the note at the end.

The gimmick is made of clear plastic, hence the title “Invisible”, and it does mean that there is less likelihood of flashing when palmed or introduced behind the note.

Review by Chris Payne. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89