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Legacy by Jamie Badman and Colin Miller

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Jamie Badman & Colin Miller
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphymagic.com
Price: £38.00

Legacy is a simple prediction routine brought to life by some well produced props and most importantly a suitably crafted story that you will invent yourself. To a tale about your grandfather or other suitable mentor, you explain that he only knew one trick where he always knew the card that would be chosen and even bet money on it. 

You show a photograph of him from a wallet and the same amount of money that he used to bet. They are replaced inside the wallet and the same five cards he used are taken out of the wallet and given to the spectator to hold. The spectator makes a free choice of one of the cards which needless to say proves to have been correctly predicted by your grandfather who still amazes people from the grave! 

It’s a one out of five prediction but is still an effective prediction effect for lay people. You receive a leather Himber wallet, the old style cards, photographs, online instructions and an additional 16 page pdf of additional ideas and routines from Badman, Miller and Luke Jermay. 

My advice, if you are going to use some form of grandfather tale, take the cards, photograph and wallet and kick them up and down the road a few times to give them some authentic aging, seek out some old bank notes from the 40s/50s, and make the old grandfather/mentor tale as un-hackneyed and ungeneric as you can!  

The worn out condition of the props will add some realism to the storyline rather than using the brand new ‘aged’ cards and a shiny new wallet. The wallet is very nice quality but I would be tempted to remove the metal corners which might giveaway the working of a Himber wallet. 

There is no force as each choice is covered by a different reveal, all of which are strong involving the photograph, the money and the cards. The wallet’s switching ability is only needed for one of the choices. 

The trick’s effectiveness lies in the storyline which is left to your own imagination. It’s a nice self-contained effect especially for strolling with plenty of other routines and extras included on the pdf.

Review by Paul Preager. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89