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Light It Up by Cerretera

Light It Up

Carretera – Ukawa Takuma –  SansMinds
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com

Price: £125 (varies according to colour)

Light it up is a self contained Zippo style lighter that lights itself. A simple hidden button on the side lets you set either a five or ten second delay before the lighter operates. 

As far as an effect goes there is nothing more to say. According to the instructions there are “endless, endless, limitless presentational routes” and you are urged to “let your creativity run wild”. That said, the only suggestions made in the ten minute instruction video are that you use your invisible force to make the lighter work, ignite flash paper (which does not require a self lighting lighter), or script a story that allows a spectator to recapture a  childhood memory.  

How you might use the lighter is, as they say, “Up to you where you want to take it”. A lighter igniting by itself is novel but I don’t think is a sufficiently strong effect to stand alone. It might add an interesting passing moment to another routine.

For your money you get the gaffed lighter and a charger. My charger came with a flat two pin plug so you would need either to use an appropriate adaptor or the USB port on a laptop. The charge time is about three hours and is estimated to last five days or fifty operations. 

In practice I found this difficult to test as the lighter I had for review did not work reliably. Sometimes it would light, sometimes it would not. By applying pressure to the hidden button you can set either a five or ten second delay. 

Outside of the lighter the burner system works as planned with the delay occurring almost precisely to time. Back inside the lighter you could see the burner unit glow but the lighter did not light. It was fully filled and would light manually without problem. A product at this price should operate reliably. The heart of the system is the burner unit and these apparently wear out. How quickly I don’t know. Replacements can be bought for £12.00.

Prices for the lighter vary depending upon the colour of the case. I had the cheapest black which is promoted as “high quality leather with stitching”. Without exception the non-magicians I asked thought that it was covered in a shiny black plastic.

Light it Up is an expensive item and I think that you need to be very clear about how you might use it and that it will add sufficient impact for it to be value for money.

Review by Stuart Bowie. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89