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Midnight Breakfast by The Other Brothers

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Midnight Breakfast

The Other Brothers
Gimmick, two envelopes, online instructions, 76 mins
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £25.00

The Other Brothers – whose moms call them Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams – have built a body of released work over the past three or four years. I confess to having found their releases a little hit and miss, but there’s no doubting their enthusiasm and ingenuity. They also employ great trick titles.

With this one they’ve hit pay dirt. Mind you, it didn’t start well when I opened the envelope to find the ready-made gimmick (a simple DIY job), two spare envelopes and a link to their film. It doesn’t seem much for your outlay – but perseverance on your part will pay dividends in this instance, because this is devilish thinking and routining. 

There are three prizes here. First it’s an ingenious take on the venerable ‘Out To Lunch’ principle (thoughtfully cited as originating with Clare Cummins and Bob Ellis in 1946) with no covering band, and applied to a stack of bills rather than the usual business cards. 

Almost anything you can do with OTL you can achieve with this. If this was all you received you’d have learned something to your advantage about OTL and you’d be happy. But you also get two superb routines, each using the principle in clever, and offbeat, ways.

First to the OTL variant. It works effortlessly, and is completely persuasive, disguising the principle in an organic way. Plus you can fan the notes in this handling as they are not locked into a single block. You have the same limitations as the traditional OTL in that you have to watch your angles, particularly if surrounded. There is one drawback with dumping the elastic band and that is you have to hold on to the stack as they sign the top bill.

So far so good. The drawback here for many of our readers is that this is designed to work with US bills, which it does perfectly. Plastic bank notes are troublesome, by their very nature, since the stack of bills has to fold sharply. For some that will be a deal breaker.

If you’re still with us, where things get really interesting is in the two routines provided. In the first, a three phase routine, you bring out a stack of folded bills. A spectator signs the top bill and holds it tightly. The next bill is signed, and the corner torn off (another no-no for plastic bills) and promptly and visibly is restored (thanks to Jimmy Grippo). The first spectator unfolds their bill and its corner is missing – you then find the matching corner in the impossible location of your choosing. 

It is a rather busy routine and will need careful pointing to clarify the effect taking place, but the whole thing is beautifully thought through. The second routine sees a signed bill end up within the innermost of two nesting envelopes. Again the routining is very carefully shaped and flows nicely.

I enjoyed the Bros’ relaxed style on the film, and everything is explained in the right level of detail with nothing left out. There’s a pleasant studio performance, and although you are provided with the gimmick, they show you how to make another one should you need to. A most enjoyable and useful project – particularly for our US friends.

Review by Bob Gill. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89