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Mimic by SansMinds

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Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £25.00

Here is another visual effect from the SansMinds conveyor belt, and it’s not bad! A spectator selects a card and a corner is torn from it and placed on the back of another face down card. Holding it above a spectator’s hand, suddenly the corner visually appears to fall through the face down card that it is sitting on top of and instantly it becomes a complete version of the selection as it hits the spectator’s palm. A torn corner shaped hole is left in the centre of the face down card.

The first thing you have to do is to get past one or two weird anomalies about the plot. Why are you placing the torn corner on the back of a face down card, why does that card then end up with a hole in it, how do you explain that the spectator is left holding the remnants of the original torn corner selection at the same time that another complete matching card appears on their hand?…..Quite frankly none of the plot stands up to even the smallest amount of scrutiny.

But….the visual moment when the torn corner morphs into a full version card that matches the selection is a strong magical illusion, and causes surprise and amazement that I think just about covers for the total illogicality of the presentation.

You receive a DVD featuring about 30 minutes of video instruction as well as a little gimmick. This prop is not actually anything needed for the performance of the trick, but is used quite cleverly in two ways to help you to accurately construct the bits and pieces that you need to make. 

On the DVD box it states that the DIY required takes about 15 minutes, which looks to be about right, and that it is a one time thing. Not entirely true because one part of the preparation has to be repeated after each performance and so unless you make several gimmicks in one go, you’ll need to get the sharp knife out again each time.

The handling is reasonably straightforward, and you are given precise instructions for how to cover the main tricky moment in the effect. Once that is over, you are left set clean for the actual magic effect. There is a small reset, but I would question whether a commercial performer would want to carry round a set up deck and some spare cards just in order to be able to repeat this trick.

There are two versions of the effect explained. The first is in some ways the most practical, the second is much more angle sensitive but it does cut out the main tricky move. Depending on where you want to perform this will determine which version you decide to use. The claim on the DVD box that you can perform this completely surrounded is only true of the first version, definitely not for the second.

Overall this isn’t bad. The handling is quite well thought out, the way you construct the gimmick is clever and practical and the moment of magic looks great.

Review by Mark Leveridge. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 89