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Sky’s The Limit by Vinny Sagoo

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Sky’s The Limit

Vinny Sagoo
Available from www.neomagic.co.uk
Price: £19.99 (+p&p)

Sky’s the Limit is a 40 page A5 booklet containing five effects and three short essays from the mind of Vinny Sagoo at Neo Magic.

Based on Martin Gardener’s Baffling Prediction, the first effect – Baffled – sees four cards selected from a deck. New values are assigned to these cards by the spectators. These new values single out one card which matches your prediction. Not only that but the rest of the deck turns blank. A brilliant mathematical principle does all the work for you in this great routine.

Next up is my favourite effect in the booklet – Digits. Three spectators are each given 9 cards each. Every card has a four digit number written on its back. A card is selected by each of the spectators who in turn call out random numbers from their chosen card. When the numbers are added they match your prediction. You are then able to name each card they chose.

This is one of those effects where you know how it works but don’t understand why it works, it just does. This could easily be a stand alone release in my opinion.

Eliminator is the next effect in the booklet. It uses a very bold method which allows a selected card to be found by eliminating small packets of cards. There’s no forcing involved and every choice is completely free.¬†

If required you can also set up Eliminator to go straight into the next trick in the book – Slick. This is an Oil and Water routine where the colours are mixed face up and face down and magically separate. Finally they are mixed in a random fashion and they still separate. Personally I’m not really a fan of this type of routine but if you like Oil and Water routines then this certainly merits a read.

The final effect is called Intense. 10 cards are shown to a spectator. They are asked to think of any number. You place a prediction card onto the table. The spectator names the number they are thinking of. When the cards are turned over their card has vanished. When you turn over your prediction it has also vanished as it’s now a blank card.

This is a great little packet trick that’s very easy to do and packs a punch. I have made a set of these cards and it really does get strong reactions. This is my second favourite effect from the booklet.

Next are three short essays about creating magic, selling magic and managing your ego. I would have liked these sections to be a little longer as they only run to one to two pages each but still somehow manage to get the point across.

The booklet itself is nicely produced and printed in full colour throughout.

There really are some cracking effects in this book and for the price its really a no brainer. Pick a copy up now before Vinny comes to his senses and raises the price.