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Tipple by Vinny Sagoo

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Vinny Sagoo
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £20.00

This is an unassuming yet effective mental flavoured packet trick that I am sure many close uppers looking for a novelty effect to perform for friends or family should consider. 

You are supplied with a set of 7 very nicely produced cards on the faces of which are featured colour pictures and the names of different drinks that you might buy in a pub. A spectator is asked to mentally select any of the drinks, then to shuffle the cards and deal them all out face down onto the table.

You now show a metal beer bottle cap (supplied) and you place the cap randomly on the backs of the face down cards one at a time, asking the spectator to silently spell the name of his drink, one letter for each card, as you do so. When the spectator gets to the last letter he calls out STOP. 

You then state that it would be impossible for ‘Your Drink’ to be under the bottle cap, since the chosen drink was only mentally selected, to which the spectator can only agree. As a gag, you then turn over the bottle cap to reveal the words YOUR DRINK printed inside the lid. However, groans turn to surprise when the card you randomly ended up on is turned over to reveal the actual selected drink.

The method is straightforward, pleasingly contrived and, I would suggest, pretty fooling. Vinny says you will learn the method in a matter of seconds (!), and although understanding the principle of the trick will not take you very long, you will nevertheless need to spend some time working with the cards in order to get the handling smooth. There is, however, no sleight of hand of any sort.

This is not a particularly commercial trick because of the need to spread the 7 cards out on the table, and table space might not allow this. But in every other respect the trick is engaging, interesting and a baffler.

A few years ago I released a routine called The Leveridge Beverage which came with a set of 7 cards with drinks on them. The set of cards supplied with Tipple would be perfect for using with the routines that I originally supplied, so if you have that product and want some new drinks cards, this will also supply an ideal replacement set.

The instructions come as a small neatly printed booklet featuring 18 colour photos, a welcome departure from the often redundant online video directions, although you are given a link to some footage as well. I can’t see why you would need to bother watching it though, as the written instructions are clear and perfectly sufficient.

Review by Mark Leveridge. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 88