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Alice In Wonderland Book Test by Luke Jonas

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The Alice In Wonderland Book Test

Luke Jonas
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £70.70

Luke Jonas has produced a specially prepared version of the classic tale Alice in Wonderland packed with potential for a mind reader. The 121 page paperback book looks completely unprepared. It can be read from cover to cover and even on close examination there is nothing to find. Yet you are immediately set up to reveal words, pictures or a phrase chosen by a spectator. You don’t have to use a force, though you can, and as the publicity accurately states there is no “fishing, stooges, sleights or dual reality”.

A spectator can open the book at any page and with the page number you can reveal the first word. If they turn to a page with an illustration you can reproduce the picture and an associated colour. If the spectator lands on any page between one to ten you can use a subtle ‘Number Word Principle’ to reveal a word chosen from a paragraph. On page eighty the same principle allows the revelation of a word from any paragraph.

Should you wish to use a force the book is set up for the 1089 Force. Occasionally this force can end up with a second outcome leading to the number 198. No need to worry as this option has also been covered. 

Finally, as a bonus, if you force one of three pages, or the spectator gets there by chance,  there is a phrase set up which can easily be visualised by the spectator before being revealed by you.

To perform the effect some memory work is required. To make this easier all the key information is either linked to the alphabet or a simple numbering scheme, though mental practice and rehearsal will be required to make retrieval effortless. 

For a small prop the book is packed with possibilities. It could be used effectively in a wide range of settings and requires nothing other than the book and anything you may need to make your revelations.

What you get is one copy of the paperback and an instructional booklet with clear explanations covering every aspect, lists of the information to be memorised and tips on how best to do this. The production run is limited to 250 copies so there won’t be many people world wide performing this effect. If I had a quibble it is that the production values of the book could be better. It does not look as good as, say, a typical paperback novel.

Review by Stuart Bowie. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 91