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Any Card by Richard Sanders

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Any Card

Richard Sanders
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £38.00   

After ten years in the creation Richard Sanders’ Any Card takes the Invisible/Brainwave deck to a new level of impossibility. Like both of those two decks a reversed card in the deck acts as a prediction of a named card which with Any Card is revealed on the backs of four reversed Aces removed from the deck, one word per card.  

The presentation might look as follows: The magician asks a spectator to think of any card in the deck. The magician says he has already predicted the card in advance by reversing the card. Well, in fact to be really sure, he has reversed all the Aces because there is a very high chance that people will think of one of them.

The spectator says he wasn’t thinking of an Ace and the magician asks which card they were thinking of. They say 4H, at which point the magician spreads though the deck revealing the reversed Aces which when turned over reveal the words THE FOUR OF HEARTS written on the backs. 

This is just one style of presentation. There is no force of any kind, no equivoque and any card named is predicted on the back of the Aces with one word on each Ace. 

The pack is an ingenious prediction system. You receive a special custom blue Bicycle deck, although the Aces will have red backs, an oddity that seems to go unnoticed. There is a one-time preparation to write on the back of the cards with a black marker. Take your time with this as mistakes will be costly. 

Becoming familiar with the working of the deck doesn’t take long after which the performance is relatively easy as you become accustomed to using it. You have to ask them to name the card before you can remove the Aces but this is covered by the presentation. 

You will be delighted to know that it is repeatable for mix and mingle work but there is a reset. This can be done openly taking 10 – 20 seconds as you chat but could also be reset at the start of the trick rather than at the end of the previous one if needed. It wouldn’t be my choice as I would be sure to forget! 

A fiddly part of using an Invisible Deck is the splitting of ‘roughed’ pairs, something which is made easy with the Any Card deck allowing them to be pushed out with ease because of the more modern treatment on the cards, which lasts longer and handles more easily. 

Other languages are dealt with in the comprehensive online video along with the preparation, set-up and presentations. The publicity is a little naughty in implying it works with a ‘thought of’ card and that it’s self-working. It’s not really what I would call a self-working trick although the method is all taken care of within the deck, but like an Invisible Deck you still have to make it work. As for a ‘thought of card’, sorry that’s a dream as the card will eventually have to be named even if it’s initially thought of. 

It could also play to a parlour sized audience as a feature effect such is the strength of the prediction. For spectators there seems to be no explanation possible, exactly the result you want in a prediction routine.

Review by Paul Preager. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 91