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Bare Mini by The Other Brothers

Bare Mini 

The Other Brothers
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £23.00

First there was ‘Bare’, and now ‘Bare Mini’, the difference being that Bare comes with a normal sized Sharpie pen and Bare Mini, you’ve guessed it, comes with a mini sized Sharpie. The mini sized version also comes with a small mini cannister which enables you to keep the can and the pen attached to your key ring so they are always with you. 

Bare and Bare Mini are special custom made Sharpie pens which write with clear ink which has the added facility of being transferable from your hand on to a spectator’s hand with an innocent handshake. 

It gives you the option of writing on your own arm or hand and revealing a chosen card/word by adding a dark grain like pepper, coffee grains, etc, or transferring the word, symbol, etc, on to a spectator’s hand and revealing it there. It’s the old soap on the arm trick which is revealed by rubbing some ash that will stick to the soaped parts. The 2 inch long cannister included with the Bare Mini is for carrying around some pepper or coffee grains for the reveal so it’s always ready. 

If you intend to transfer the writing from your hand to a spectators you will need to learn to write a few letters and numbers backwards but this isn’t difficult with a little practice. If you always force the same card, learning to write 7D backwards isn’t hard! 

There is also the double prediction option of forcing a card and asking for a friend’s initials. The card is predicted on a business card and their friend’s initials are revealed on the back of their hand by transferring the writing from yours. Some simple hand choreography achieves the outcome! 

It doesn’t feel sticky if they touch it, will last for quite a while after the transfer and wipes clean without any residue. If you know Bare, the mini version contains the same amount of ink as the normal Sharpie, a trick in itself! They say it also won’t dry out with the cap tightly attached unlike some similar pens which have dried out too quickly. It can also be used as a clear marking system on the back of cards. 

For revelations on either your own arm or a spectator’s hand this is a handy utility prop, especially with it attached to your key ring for use at any time. It comes with a link to an online 34 minute video explaining some routines, ideas and how to transfer the writing from your hand to a spectators. This will need some trial runs to find the best way of transferring the writing and on to which part of the hand. Things appearing on a spectator’s hand always have a shock factor so it’s worth a try at the price.

Review by Paul Preager. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 91