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Crimson Deck by Laura London

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Crimson Deck

Laura London
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £37.50

Laura London credits the inspiration for this deck to the Mirage Deck, invented by Ralph Hull in 1934. Combining regular cards with a subset of the Mirage Deck allows for powerful, clean plots, exploited in the past by Al Koran and more recently in Mike Pisciotta’s Rashomon Effect. 

This incarnation takes it close to its minimalist limit, allowing a largely normal deck to be freely handled by the performer, yet allowing easy forcing and impossible type transpositions, as in Laura London’s signature routine of a card to card box. 

Two other routines are included, a clean single card transpo between two 4 card packages and a “hopping between packets” routine reminiscent of a Svengali deck.

Deploying any “trick deck” needs care, as it is an automatic assumption from spectators. If presented as stand alone tricks they stray close to “too perfect” and a direct line to the correct explanation of duplicates. However, cunningly deployed in a set depending largely on sleight of hand, the cleanliness of handling will add impact. 

The idea would have made an excellent 10 minute slot in a lecture but hardly justifies a price tag of nearly forty pounds, particularly when a full Mirage Deck and matching regular deck can be purchased for a quarter of the price and will allow for many more possibilities. Providing two decks with a fuller set of routines and ideas would be better value.

Review by Chris Payne. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 91