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Fadeaway Deck by Chris Philpott

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The Fadeaway Deck

Chris Philpott
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £22.34

The Fadeway Deck is Chris Philpott’s update of Ralph Hull’s original Mental Photography or Nudist Deck. I’m sure most magicians are familiar with the original which allows you to fan the deck to show both sides completely blank. When the deck is cut, a single printed card appears before the deck is riffled to show that all the cards are printed normally, before reversing the process to end again with a blank deck. With Chris Philpott’s version the printing on the cards gradually fades until you are left once again with a blank deck.

In addition to the special deck you get four card effects to perform. There is a simplified handling to show how cards appear which is elegant and quite visual and provides a way to apparently show the whole pack printed before everything fades away. 

In a selected card effect everything fades away except the chosen card and Hear There and Fade Away borrows from an Ambitious Card plot. My favourite utilises an additional Error 404 card. In an effort to find a chosen card you only locate the error report which accounts for the whole pack ‘crashing’. Light hearted but quite amusing.

None of the card effects are very difficult and you do get very clear instructions in the online video. As each move is explained there is a detailed close up, often from the performer’s perspective, which makes everything very easy to follow. 

If you like moves there is a whole section of additional sleights contributed by a number of other well known magicians. You also get advice on how to maintain the roughing of the deck and exactly the correct order required should the pack ever get disrupted.

Like the Nudist Deck this cannot be examined or handled by spectators. With a deck switch it would however make an interesting finale to a longer card set showing a deck that has apparently been in play for some time simply fading away.

Review by Stuart Bowie. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 91