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Psycalendar by The Unknown Mentalist

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The Unknown Mentalist
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £28.50 

This is the second item I have reviewed by this creator, who obviously prefers to keep a low profile judging by his alias. What we have here is basically a number prediction. It’s the total of 5 numbers freely chosen by several spectators. The numbers (dates) are chosen from a calendar or calendars which are specially printed although not faked and not year specific. 

There is a restriction on the choice of dates which will need to be covered by your presentation. 

The total is always the same making it self-working, easy to learn and because you receive a set of calendars in different sizes can be performed in a multitude of different environments from stage to cabaret, close-up and parlour. 

Like many mental magic routines, it is process driven and so a good presentation will be needed to make the routine shine.  Fortunately, our nice Mr Unknown Mentalist has suggested some presentational ideas. 

The first is psychological with the supposed demonstration of influence. The second is supernatural using the theme of the spirit world and the third is a humorous style using the theme of dating and a series of failed first dates. Of course, make up your own presentation as you want, just make sure there is some rhyme or reason for using the calendar and relevance of the dates. 

The methodology makes it very easy to learn and perform plus there are several inbuilt features printed in the calendar which help as mental hooks in the presentation. A drawback to the whole effect is that it was presumably created for use last year because the predicted total is always 2019 and as you know that has now gone! 

So, to some extent, the trick is out of date. That doesn’t make it unusable but it was obviously part of the presentation which won’t have any relevance in 2020 and beyond. For that reason, Mr Unknown Mentalist, thinking ahead, has provided several ideas to help keep it relevant and link it back to 2019. The apparent coincidence of the total matching the year doesn’t have to be all the effect is about, but was obviously a central part of the presentation last year!

It’s an easy to do mental routine with props allowing you to perform it almost anywhere but will require a convincing presentational theme to mask the mathematical method. An online PDF can be downloaded instantly providing all the necessary instructions, presentations and ideas, so at least a tree has been spared on this one!

Review by Paul Preager. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 91