Magicseen Issue 43
Magicseen Issue 43

This issue we Teller breaks his silence and chats to Magicseen reporter Benoit Grenier.

Here’s what’s in issue 43

• Welcome
• Letters
• News
• Help! There’s More Magic On Telly!
• Hans Klok Competition
• It Ain’t All Magic – Final Part
• How To Perform Magic
• Celebrity Magic
• Under The Hammer
• Chris Rawlins
• Comedy
• Squeezing The Creative Juices
• Teller
• The Magic Of Scotland
• Masterclass
• Clubland
• Mind Heist
• Dealers’ Booth Special
• Reviews
• Next Issue

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Masterclass – Volume 3 (Years 9 – 12)
Masterclass – Volume 3 (Years 9 – 12)

Every four years we like to publish a collection of all the great magic that has appeared during the period in Magicseen’s Masterclass section, and from the issues which appeared in volumes 9-12 we offer you 51 effects and ideas from such well known and respected performers as Andy Nyman, David Regal, Chris Rawlins, Boris Wild, Mel Mellers, Pit Hartling, John Bannon, Vincent Hedan, Thomas Fraps, Dan Garrett, Anthony Owen and many others.

The printed A4 size comb bound edition contains 100 pages, with  many of the effects featuring colour photo illustrations. We may not publish a huge number of tricks in Magicseen, but we like to think that the ones that do make the cut are worthy of your attention.

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Roulette by Chris Rawlins
Roulette by Chris Rawlins

Author Chris Rawlins is a young, inventive mentalist who just loves to share his work and ideas with fellow performers. In this his second book, Chris offers a combination of full routines, moves, additions and essays, all of which come with his own personal stamp and twist.

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