Best Of British
Best Of British

Right from its first issue, Magicseen Magazine has sought to showcase talent from the UK, talent that sometimes can be a little swamped by high profile personalities from other parts of the world. To put this right, Magicseen approached a list of the UK’s top performers and creators and invited them to contribute to a book that is designed to show the world what they have to offer.

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Magicseen Issue 19
Magicseen Issue 19

This issue Geoffrey Durham speaks his mind!

Here’s what’s in issue 19

• Welcome
• Letters
• News
• Ning
• News
• Magic In South Africa
• Masterclass
• Dealer’s Booth
• Ken Brooke
• Geoffrey Durham
• Reviews
• Magic Moments
• South Tyneside Convention
• Bizarre Magic
• Filming for the Web
• David Penn
• McBride Masterclass
• Back Issues

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