Magicseen Issue 14
Magicseen Issue 14

This issue we talk to Luis de Matos

Here’s what’s in issue 14

• Welcome
• Letters
• News
• Mathieu Bich
• Contact Juggling
• Think Tank
• Billy Bongo
• Nick Einhorn
• Prestidigital
• Luis de Matos
• Buying Online
• Rey Ben
• Masterclass
• Reviews
• Eduardo Kozuch Effects
• Magic Eye Test
• South Tyneside Review
• Back Issues

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Masterclass – Volume 1 (Years 1-4)
Masterclass – Volume 1 (Years 1-4)

Although Magicseen Magazine is primarily a features publication rather than a tricks magazine, it does have two or three routines to learn included in the Masterclass section of each issue. In the first four years of publication, 61 contributions have appeared and these have now been collected together and are offered as a stand alone publication either in printed book format or as a download.

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