Magicseen Issue 70
Magicseen Issue 70

This issue Graham Hey catches up with Colin McLeod.

Here’s what’s in issue 70

• Editor’s Letter
• Colin McLeod
• Letters
• Live Review – Jamie Raven
• Neil Henry
• A British Institution – MagicWeek
• Avoiding The Refusal
• Caroline Ravn
• Ken Dyne
• Peter Pellikaan
• International Masterclass – England
• In The News
• The Grumpy Old Magician
• Shout Outs
• Product Reviews
• New Dogs, Old Tricks
• Khor Kiat
• Next Issue

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‘Openers’ contains over 40 opening effects from some of magic’s best names and should not be missed. Foreword by Gary Jones.

In this book you will find some of the very best magicians in the world sharing the effects which they use to open their shows or sets.

Magicians included: Matt Baker, Chris Congreave, Michael Murray, Luca Volpe, Ryan Schlutz, Steve Gore, Kev Gregson, Phill Smith, Steve Dela, Gary Jones, Iain Moran, Paul Gordon, Paul Brook, Jasper Blakeley, Carl Royle, Sean Carpenter, John Guastaferro, Alan Rorrison, David Regal, R Paul Wilson, Steve Cook, Liam Montier, Lawrence Hass, Mark Elsdon, Christian Grace, Boris Wild, Etienne Pradier, Rafael Benatar, Chad Long, Shaun McCree, Michael O’Brien, Mark James, Woody Aragon, Daniel Chard, Henry Evans, Fraser Parker, Harry Robson, Peter Pellikaan, Wayne Fox, Peter Nardi, Danny Goldsmith.

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