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The Man Who Would Be King by Andrew Normansell


Magicseen are pleased to announce that a book featuring the magical thoughts and routines of pro entertainer Andrew Normansell called “The Man Who Would Be King” has been. Readers of Magicseen will be familiar with Andrew as there have been a couple of features on him and he has also appeared a few times answering questions in the Close Up Clinic.


Now Andrew reveals the secrets of his commercial success by recounting his life story so far, gives readers excellent food for thought in a section called Devil’s Advocate in which he passes opinion on all manner of magical themes, and finally he also gives full details of 28 of his pet routines for close up, stand up and mentalism. Everything Andrew does is geared to commercial performance and his methods are delightfully straightforward. Nicely produced, this book will be of interest to anyone who aspires to the performance of commercial magic.

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