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WD40 by Wayne Dobson


Wayne Dobson has had a life full of incredible highs and hard-to-bear lows, and in this candidly written E-Book, he lays it all before you. The full story is here charting his meteoric rise to international fame and TV stardom in which, when he was at the height of his powers, he became a household name in the UK and was seen as a genuine alternative to Paul Daniels as a mainstream TV magician, right through to his valiant and uncomplaining struggle with MS. It’s a tale of courage, is often very funny, and it is always fascinating.

As well as Wayne’s life story this excellent E-book provides full details of 40 of Wayne’s close up and stand up routines. Everything Wayne does is commercial and the methods are always straightforward and practical. You are bound to find many effects in this comprehensive collection that you will like and will use.

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